Rent a car and Motorbike
Autoland Renat a car, scooter, bicycle in Kokkari, Samos

See Samos the best way possible…

Auto Land is a family run company, managed by Nikolaos Sispaidis. It is located in the costal road of the beautiful village of Kokkari just in front of the Studio Maria Hotel.

Visit Auto Land, be our guest, meet with its friendly, highly experienced & energetic staff and make a deal on a wide selection of cars, scooters or bikes all in excellent condition.

Make your stay a memorable one, by driving, riding or cycling around our evergreen island with its traditional costal and mountain villages, its lively towns, serene landscapes, unique beaches and admire its amazing nature in every step of your discovery journey off the beaten track.

Our staff will gladly advise you on the best routes, ranging from a couple of minutes drive to a whole day excursion.

We offer free car & scooter delivery to and from the airport or the ports of Samos and any hotel of the island.

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